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new litter born...second on the way soon!

Well, this Livejournal section has been neglected a bit.  But with the "Updates" section on the front page of my website, I prefer to post small updates there so everyone can see...I know not everybody reads this!  So I will just use this Livejounal page for the bigger updates.  And sometimes I forget to post on the main page if I've already posted here - so keep an eye on both :)

Gala's litter was born two days ago.  She had 10, but when I first checked on them, one did not look very healthy.  That baby has since passed on, leaving Gala with 9 total - 3 boys and 6 girls.  Gala is being an exceptional mother and she runs a tight ship, with a perfectly built nest, and she is keeping the babies' belles so full of milk that it's amazing they can hold it all!  Some momma rats are more disorganized but Gala is acting like she's done this a dozen times already...which I love for a first time mom!
Sonata's litter should be born any time now.  I am very excited about both litters, I can't wait to see how they turn out!

I also wanted to post about a very special girl who is available for adoption.  PH Amelie is a russian silver wheaten burmese.  Fancy color name, very uncommon color, but she is a beautiful silvery gray color.  Amelie is almost 14 months old, from Jelly Belly and Ditto's litter last July.  This girl is an absolute sweetheart - very laid back and licky, super calm for a female.  She has the most perfect head and is absolutely stunning in person - the pictures don't do her justice.  She really is stunning.
The reason she's available is only because I've decided not to breed rats descending from PH Amber due to their higher than normal incidence of tumors.  Amelie is part of that family. although there have not been tumor issues in that particular "branch," I do not want to take any chances.  I've debated about whether I should just keep her for life, but the tumor issues are far enough removed that I don't feel like she's a ticking time bomb for tumors, and I think she'd make someone an amazing pet.
Amelie would be an exceptional rat for someone looking for a first-time rat for children or for themselves, due to her wonderful temperament.  Her health has been perfect and she gets along well with any rat she's introduced to.  She'd do well with babies from my current litters, or I may have other adult girls available to go with her.
If interested, please drop me a line, or I'd probably go on for hours about her here!
Without further adieu - here are some pictures :) Her color is most accurate in the first one, although in person it's a bit more "blue" and less brown-ish.    


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